Basic Example
The Holy Bible

Since the Bible is known as one of the most often read and studied books, and therefore, easily evaluable, it was chosen as a proof of concept for developing and designing TRAViz during the eTRACES project. Various appilcations exist that you can visit and browse through:

>> The Holy Bible in 7 various English translations (verse by verse)

>> The Holy Bible in 7 various English translations

>> The Holy Bible in 5 various German translations

Railway Connections

During the search of a proper name for TRAViz, some colleagues mentioned that the visualization looks similar to a subway map. Inspired by this suggestion, we utilized TRAViz to visualize alignments of railway connections in Leipzig:

>> Leipzig TRAM connections

>> Leipzig Citytunnel connections

Canonical Path List

Although TRAViz is designed for aligning and visualizing a smaller amount (<20) of editions, it also can be utilized for a large input set. Within the Canonical Path List example, TRAViz aligns 284 various paths inside a TEI document.

>> Canonical Paths example